Halo Joint & Hip Support 動物骨骼保健 3.5盎司(100g) 新包裝


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Halo Joint & Hip Support 動物骨骼保健 3.5盎司(100g) 新包裝


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Halo Joint & Hip Support 3.5 oz


*加入MSM (甲硫基烷/ DMSO2)可增強消炎效果.

  • All-natural support for mobility and function
  • Protecting young, healthy joints and supporting stiff, aging bodies
  • Ideal for condition-prone puppies, active adult dogs, senior dogs
  • 100% active ingredients
  • No fillers, sugars, or glycerin and nothing artificial
  • Easy to shake on or conveniently spoonable
  • Aroma and taste dogs love!
  • Our supplements are made in the USA with carefully selected, natural ingredients, herbs and botanicals from around the world.

成份含量/Nutrition Facts:

有效成份 1.5湯匙 (Active Ingredients per 3.3g (approximately 1.5 tsp.)
椰子 Coconut  1365 mg
蕃薯 Sweet Potato  1188 mg
葡萄糖胺 Glucosamine HCl (shellfish) 500 mg
酸櫻桃 Tart Cherry 100 mg
薑黃素 Curcumin 95 mg
茴香 Anise 50 mg
整顆藍莓 Whole Blueberry  20 mg
沙雷肽酶 Serrapeptase (natural enzyme) 10mg

建議用量/Suggested Use
每30磅(14公斤)體重, 加入1.5 茶匙到食物中.

每增加 4.5 公斤,增加半湯匙



Keep out of the reach of children.


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